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All services provided by Jindy Web Design to you “The Client” are subject to the following Terms and Conditions. From this point Jindy Web Design will be referred to as (JWD) and “The Client” will be referring to you and the company you represent.

At JWD we pride ourselves on creating a smooth workflow from the initial conversation and ideas discussed to final art through web, graphic design & print.

The short description of the below is… We’ll throw every magical creativity tool we have at our finger tips into your project to make sure we exceed your expectations in both the final result and the time taken to complete your project. To ensure we continue this amazing service for you, all we ask is that your accounts are paid on time (timeframes outlined below ‘Payment Terms and Types’) All content supplied by you for Art, Design or Web content is Copyright Free and that JWD will not take any responsibility for any issues arising for Copyright on supplied content.

Payment Terms and Types:
Payment Types:
1. Upfront Payment: A quote will be prepared outlining all work to be completed for this project. Once approved, an invoice will be emailed prior to work commencing on the project. Once JWD receives notice of a successful payment work will commence. This method of payment ensures you have your project completed in the most ridiculously awesome turnaround time known to mankind.

2. 50% + 50%: A quote will be emailed after discussing the work required to complete the project. A 50% deposit Invoice will then be issued and payment confirmation will be required to start the project. The remaining 50% will be charged prior to completion/handover and will be due ’On Receipt’. The ’50% + 50%’ payment method will have a maximum timeframe of 30 days. If the project is held up in any way from the client side the remaining 50% of the project costs will be Invoiced at the end of that 30 day period and will be due on receipt. At JWD we work with an extremely streamlined workflow and most projects are completed within 7 days given all content is supplied by the client in a timely manner.

3. Monthly Account: ‘Monthly Account’ payment type will only be available to clients JWD has been successfully working with for a minimum of 6 months. Turnaround times for the ‘Monthly Account’ holders coincides with the most ridiculously awesome turnaround time known to mankind. Monthly Account holders will be issued an invoice at the end of each month and due ‘On Receipt’ but… will have a leniency period of 7 days.

Monthly Account holders may receive an invoice on job completion if you “The Client” are only running one or two smaller jobs per month.

Payment Terms:
Payments are due ‘On Receipt’ but being the lenient type we allow a 7 day grace period in good faith. If your account has become overdue you will receive a reminder that you have missed your payment. If your account reaches 30 days past the due date we reserve the right to charge a $10 + GST Bill Administration Fee and resubmit a new invoice. Accounts 60 days overdue will be charged a further $10 + GST Bill Administration Fee. If your account reaches 60 days overdue your account will become ‘Suspended‘ this includes but not limited to Jindy Web CRM, website hosting, email and email hosting, artwork, print files, website login passwords. If your account reaches 77 days overdue and no communication has been established by “The Client” to rectify any issues this is where things become out of our hands and handed over to our collection agency or Legal team depending on the breach of Terms. All fees, charges and costs incurred from this point will be directly charged to your account for collection.

To us… communication is a key factor with any account. If you are having any financial issues and unable to pay your account let’s work together to come to an amicable solution.

‘Suspended’ Accounts:
On account suspension a reinstallation fee of $250 + GST per website will be charged to reinstall hosting and website. CRM Suspension, reinstallation fee of $250 + GST per CRM (Per Account)

Credit Card Payments:
A Service Fee of 2.5% will be added to your Invoice for AMEX. This is to cover some of the costs incurred for processing the payment. Currently the costs JWD is charged for AMEX Credit Cards payments is 2.9% + $0.30 charge per invoice. No extra charges will be added to payments made with VISA or MasterCard.


Copyright Artwork. (JWD) Artwork created by JWD. JWD will retain full ownership of all art concepts/mockups and final art until your “The Client” account is paid in full. If for any reason your account remains unpaid and you are using final art to advertise, promote or receive any financial reward using this art without full payment, JWD will seek full compensation.

In basic terms… we believe getting paid for the time and clever creativity we’ve put in to supplying you all the awesome content you need to promote your amazing business or venture.


Copyright. (Client Supplied) All content supplied by “The Client” will be assumed third party copyright free. JWD cannot and will not accept responsibility for any copyright issues arising from written content or images supplied by “The Client”, yourself or the company you personally represent.

PLEASE NOTE: By continuing to work with JWD you agree to working within these set Terms and Conditions.

Jindy Web Design reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions without notice. The most up to date Terms and Conditions can be found on the JWD website – https://jindywebdesign.com.au/terms-and-conditions


Privacy and Data Policy

At JWD we care about your Privacy. From time to time on this website we ‘collect’ data which may be name, phone number and email address. This information is purely to contact you regarding your enquiry and in no way shape or form is your information shared with a Third Party.

This data may also be used to contact you with News and Updates of our Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy or information regarding changes in the web design world. This communication will have a one click unsubscribe and you have the power to remove yourself from this communication if you wish.

Any payments taken on this website or through our JWD Invoicing software will be processed by SSL encrypted payment gateways such as Paypal or Stripe. No payments are processed by JWD.

Cold Callers – Marketing Calls – All Calls Not Related to Genuine JWD Service Enquiries

At JWD we care about our clients in ways beyond just the services we offer. Our time is extremely valuable to our clients for the services we offer. Therefore a ‘Cold Callers Fee‘ will be charged to any company not adhering to these very simple ‘Terms’

A fee of $250.00 + GST per hour will be charged to listen to Cold Callers Scripts. To organise a time to chat to one of our Team to listen to your sales script please email us directly with a requested time frame and we’ll be more than happy to slot you into our production schedule. All ‘Fees’ collected for these ‘Cold Calls’ will be returned to our lovely clients as gifts to apologise for the valuable time you have wasted. Please have your companies Credit Card details ready at the very start of your scheduled call.

Thank you for your understanding of this very important notice.