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Jindy Web and Paul!

Hi, I’m Paul, the face behind the voice, behind the screen, behind the crazy coding and software that brings your business and ideas to the online world. I’m also the owner of the fingers that happily tap away on the keyboard responding to your emails.

This is a little journey of words that will give you a little further insight as to where I’ve been, where I’m going and where I could take you and your business too.

When I’m referring to ‘We’ on this website and through other various forms, I’m referring to myself and my trusty mate ‘Jindy Web Design’. We together as a team have helped a lot of small and large businesses. I see Jindy Web Design as my virtual business partner that looks after the business taking enquiries and explaining who we are, what we do and why you should get in touch with us.


I started Jindy Web Design on my move from the NSW Central Coast to a beautiful little town in the Snowy Mountains called Jindabyne, more well known by the abbreviated version ‘Jindy’ hence the name Jindy Web Design. After building websites for myself for three and a half years I decided that I had a special talent for bringing businesses into the online world in a simple but extremely effective way.

Currently I have clients from Adelaide through to the McLaren Vale region, Melbourne, Jindabyne, Thredbo, Perisher, Cooma, Canberra, Sydney, The Central Coast, Newcastle, Gold Coast and as far as Far North Queensland. I’ve also worked with clients in Canada and New Zealand. The way I see it, technology brings us closer on so many levels, I work with my clients through Skype, FaceTime, Email and Phone and have worked with them from remote locations around the world.

Since building Jindy Web in Jindabyne I’ve moved away from my little mountain home but still speak to and work with all my clients that came along on the journey and I’ve also gained a lot more clients from town since my move. I love what I do and I’m pretty sure my clients feel that too. Theres a very beautiful story around about my move away from the mountains, if you’re reading this and you’re interested to know… Let me know!

Jindy Web Design - Website Design + Digital Marketing
Jindy Web Design - Website Design + Digital Marketing


1995 – 2005

The Printing Years – I started out working for SouthCorp Packaging as a printer in the Flexo and Gravure industry producing all your favourite Cadbury Chocolate wrappers, absolute tonnes of bread bags and some super delicate pet packaging for an extremely fastidious Japanese company. Towards the end of my time at SouthCorp I was playing in a band so I left the ridiculous day, afternoon and night rotating shifts to work for a smaller company in another sector of the printing industry. Quieter times and more time to focus on my music.

Skills added to the toolbox:

Award winning apprentice in Stage 2 and Stage 3 Printing Machinery Ultimo TAFE Sydney – Precise colour matching skills  – Production management – Small business print production management – Graphic design

2005 – 2010

In 2005 my time working for other companies came to an end and I started out on my own journey as a business owner. I started a wide format digital printing company. Over the next 5 years I would learn so much about life and business. I took that $0 startup to a flourishing business with just shy of $500K annual turnover within 5 years. This resulted in a few companies bidding to buy this brilliant little creation of mine. I successfully sold that business bang on the 5 year mark. What an amazing ride and learning experience that was! I left the world of business and took a break to travel and explore the world.

Skills added to the toolbox:

Sales – Accounting – Production management – Prepress press ready file handling – Wide format print design – Sheetfed lithographic press ready file handling – Print management Internal and External – Client on-boarding – Small Business Marketing including Google AdWords (main marketing source used to build this business) – Graphic design – Website design – Staff management
Jindy Web Design - Website Design + Digital Marketing
Jindy Web Design - Website Design + Digital Marketing

2010 – 2014

After the sale of the business I headed directly overseas and traveled through Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Indonesia. On my return from this trip I started running an online business in Personal Leadership Development. This new adventure took me to the US, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam and a very deep dive into the workings of my own personal ‘Self’.

Skills added to the toolbox:

Online Marketing covering: Social Media advertising free and paid. Google Adwords self managed and working with a management agency. SEO (search engine optimisation) self managed and working with a management agency. WordPress web design. CRO (conversion rate optimisation) and the psychology behind website design.

LATE – 2014

Towards the end of 2014 I decided to start a little project to test out a theory I learnt running my Personal Development business. As part of the contract of sale on my previous business I had to stay away from the printing industry in a certain area and timeframe, and just so happens at time I wanted to test this theory was an the end of this contract.

The project was to start a printing company and see how fast I could ramp up this business. I did my research, started a basic website hit the ground running on a Monday morning and by Friday afternoon that very week I was already in profit. Thoughts to myself… point proven!

Running a business that you’re not truly passionate about is a road that has the potential to end up in ‘failure’. I walked away from that Personal Development business with a $100K hole in my pocket but a wealth knowledge that has literally changed every aspect of who I am today. So you could say it was a $100K well spent!
Jindy Web Design - Website Design + Digital Marketing



2015 – NOW

Since early 2015 I’ve been on a bit of a mission to help local businesses get online in a clean, simplified and streamlined way. To get the biggest bang for their buck without wasting time and money on things that really aren’t suited to their respective businesses.

I work one on one with my clients, firstly to determine what the main goal of the project is and then to carefully plan out each step, maximising online exposure while adhering to individual set budgets.

From initial logo and business branding creation to a strategic online digital marketing advertising campaign, I’ll be there with you ticking boxes and celebrating the continued growth of your business and your online presence.

Let’s Chat!

Let’s start out by having a brief chat and getting to know one another. A no obligation, pre-project POW WOW to determine where you’re currently at with your business and where you’d ideally love to be. Every project and every business has certain needs and goals, let’s work together to achieve these, on time and within budget.