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We’ll use the below information to build you a very solid and professional base to build from. We’ll call this the ‘Stage 1’ to your site build. The reason we build the Stage 1 is so you can¬†start promoting your amazing new website with the shortest time delay possible. A stage 1 site can be built and running within 24 hrs of the initial go ahead.

Just a side note… If you already have content pre-prepared you can simply copy and paste that info into the form with a heading to each section showing which page you would like this to be displayed on.

Just step your way through the below form giving us as much info as you can, if for any reason you get stuck, it’s all good! Get as much to us as you can and we’ll have a quick phone catch up before we get started.

First Things First...

  • If you've answered NO to any of the above... No problems, we've got your back!If you would like to have a chat about Website Hosting and Domain names, please let us know is the box below and we'll tee up a time to discuss all of your options.

About You


About Your Business

  • Use the following questions and pointers to build an awesome story.

    Thinking in terms of you and your business:Who are you, what do you do and why should your clients come to you to use your awesome services?

    How can you help your potential clients and what are the main problems your business or service solves?

    As well as the above, please supply a short snippet, we'll use this as the main description that Google will show in it's results.Describe your business or service in 20 words or more.


Design and Style

  • We'll use this section to build the look and feel of your website. If you have your logo ready to go we'll use the base colours on the site to keep the 'brand' in line!If you have come across any awesome websites that you love the look and feel of, copy the link for the website in the box below. This will give us an idea of what you like.
  • If you don't have a logo yet and you would like us to create one for you, let us know in the box provided.If we already have your logo on file, give us the heads up below!
  • If you have your logo set and ready to go please email the original design file to hello@jindywebdesign.com.au

Website Images

  • For all images you want to use on the initial 'Stage 1' site build... Please send these over to hello@jindywebdesign.com.au We'll shine our magic optimzing light over them. This will ensure they're website worthy.

    If you do not have images ready for your website you can use a stock image website like Shutterstock . Shutterstock have some great images for building websites and at a really good price. If you're only going to purchase a few images, place the image code numbers in the box below and we'll download it for you in the correct size for the site build. We charge $15 + GST per image download.


Contact Details

  • Please include best contact phone number, email address, location (if you want us to use this information), ABN or ACN (if you want us to use this information) or any other specific contact details you want your future clients to know.

Let's see if you're of the Human Kind!

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