Stage One Website


Stage One Website includes your hosting setup, all tools installed, a professionally designed site with an informative Homepage telling an awesome story about who you are, what you do and why your clients should use your amazing services. We’ll also throw in a really awesome contact page and if we’ve still got some time up our sleeve we’ll be in touch to add something special.



At Jindy Web Design we LOVE a good site Stage build. Why build a website in ‘Stages’ you may ask? Building a site in ‘Stages’ allows us to quickly get your site running in the shortest possible time so you can start showing off your amazing new website ASAP. The stage building process also takes away the ‘pain’ of preparing large amounts of content for your website in one hit making the process less stressful. And finally… the stage building process lets you stretch out the budget a lot further so it’s not one huge dump of cash for the project.

Here’s a few sites that are currently in ‘Stage 1’ to give you an idea:

Stage website building benefits:

  • Professional website up and running in a super fast timeframe
  • Prepare and plan content and pages over a period of time – Less stressful
  • Stretch your budget over a few months rather than one large hit

What’s next you might ask!

Once we have the ‘Stage One’ running we now have a super solid base to work from. Your awesome new website and Google are becoming friends, Mr Google needs time to get to know your website and where it should be placed in the Google library. We’ve set the structure and given Mr Google all the info they need to get your new site referenced quickly.

From here the Sky isn’t even the limit! Now we can plan the big picture and find out exactly where you would like to take your website and over what time frame you would like to do this in. We can add reviews, testimonials, customised enquiry/intake forms or even an online store or ‘Buy it Now’ PayPal buttons. The list is only limited to your imagination.

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