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We work with the latest in responsive website design giving you a simple, clean and easy to understand website you’ll be proud of.

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If you’ve been wanting to get your business online or to get that super cool idea out there, nows the time! Contact Jindy Web Design.

Some Kind Words from our LOVELY Clients

Such a relief

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Was such a relief to have Jindy Web Design build and design our website, Paul was very patient and informative with the whole process. The response times were always very quick and they were even able to create a logo for us. It was great to have someone understand what you were after and deliver a website that exceeded our expectation!

What an awesome job

5 5 1
What an awesome job Paul from Jindy Web Design did for us getting our website up and running so quickly. He made it extremely cost affective. He gave us lots of information and contact and never made us feel silly for asking questions. I would definitely recommend Paul for anyone looking at getting a website sorted without fuss.

Extremely grateful

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I am a feeler not a thinker- my business ‘logo/display’ has to represent my beliefs and feelings-And how in the past it has been so difficult to get a ‘brain driven IT person’ to connect to my feelings. BUT working with Paul at Jindy Web design has be a absolute nurtured flow of creation. He really listened and applied his creative expression to match my expression…. Extremely grateful to feel understood and get a smashing website!! Boom!!
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Display Your Instagram Feed On Your Website

Displaying your Instagram Feed on your website can be extremely beneficial for certain businesses. For example if you run a hair dressing salon and you capture your awesome work on a daily basis and upload to your Instagram account your website will automatically update as well. One neat trick to have a gallery on your website updated without the need for a web designer!

What’s Responsive Web Design?

A Responsive website basically responds to the screen size of the device the site is being viewed on. Your website will then reconfigure itself to give the user the best overall viewing experience. Google loves responsive websites! The best way to give a practical demonstration of this is to view this website on a desktop computer, iPad or tablet and your smartphone at the same time. You will then be able to see this in action.

Social Media Sharing with Jindy Web Design

Social Media Sharing

Take social sharing to the next level with Jindy Web Design. We have a really cool social media tool ready to be installed to any site we build. This allows your website and content to be shared wide and far. Integrating these tools on your website and interacting with social media on multiple platforms will allow the words and images of your website to visit the world! Contact us today to have a chat about how we can integrate our social media tools into your website.


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